Sketch proposal

In response to some feedback we have been receiving from members of the community, we are re-posting the current sketch proposal for Tudor St presented at Sunday's meeting. For full details, please read this plan in conjunction with the information in the posts below. To see the plan at full size or to print a copy, please download it to your computer using the orange 'download' link on the bottom left hand corner.

We welcome further feedback and input into our feasibility study.




Community Meeting held on Sunday 18 March

Thank you to everyone who participated in yesterday's community meeting!

At the beginning of the workshop we asked everyone in the room: "What is the purpose of Tudor St?"
Here is a list of the answers we received:

Community meeting space
Bring the community together
University of the third age (learning)
Easily accessible for non-motor vehicle use
Multicultural meeting place
Not sole purpose for young mums and children
Safe meeting place for mums and children
Public backyard (doesn't have to be structured, can be informal)
Community garden with rules
Shared resources
Favourable council input

After the presentation and discussion, this was some of the feedback we received on the proposal:

Lack of office space
Would it be possible to go to Tudor St and walk around to visualise the space as a group?
Safety of a workshed - is there a group of people who would be responsible?
Like the flexibility in the proposal
Great to have indoor-outdoor spaces - lack of backyards in the area
Is demolition and/or re-use of materials adding to the cost?
Barrier to road - need to think about safety, slowing down of traffic, etc
Sense of materiality - like bricks, not tin shed
Make more contact with direct neighbours to the north
Most of the purposes outlined by the group earlier in the meeting fit within the proposal

We have also uploaded the presentation (see the post below) for your reference.
We welcome further feedback on the proposal and if you would like to join one of our working groups, please email: or call Michelle on 0412 124 342.


Thank you for your interest in the Tudor St Community Centre.

We have just set up this blog as a social space where people can openly share their ideas and actions throughout the participatory design process.

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